I was born in the north of Spain but raised in the capital, Madrid. My upbringings were unusual, creative but turbulent. Those turbulance colided on the Christmas day of 2013 when I couldn't take it anymore so I packed my bags and left.

What followed was a year of depression and homelessness. But while sleeping in friend's couches I had a lot of time to think. I wanted (and needed) to change my life. Ignacio Simón (fellow musician) also wanted to change so together we made a plan: save money, move to England and give music (our true passion) a chance.

I always say I was born again the day I took a boat to England with all my belongings in a little Renault waving goodbye to the city that gave me birth (Santander in the north of Spain). It was quite cathartic. That day was the beginning of the most adventurous and creative years of my life.

I created my solo project Mariuk, a band with Ignacio called Northwest, started getting comissions to compose soundtracks as Mariuca García-Lomas, started touring all around Europe, playing in churches, museums, people's bedrooms, squat houses... Not bad for someone who had no education in music and that learnt what a chord was when I was almost 24 years old (I've learnt a few things since then hahah).

In 2022 I moved back to Madrid (among various reasons, my mother was diasnosed with MS and I want to help her). I've built a home studio here and I intend to make the best music I have ever made.