My whole discography in chronological order (aka. procratinating)

April 14, 2024

I’m not going to lie to you. I’m writing here because I’m procrastinating the mixing of my song Thieves. Yes, I have a new exciting song finished and today I was supposed to start mixing, but I’m afraid of mixing. I don’t consider myself a good enough mix engineer and so I procrastinate ‘cause I don’t want to face the facts.

Anyway, hello, here I am. I was thinking of doing a blog post explaining all the different music projects I’m involved in because people often get confused and I don’t blame them. It’s a lot, so here is my attempt to put all my discography in order.

Also, yesterday Ignacio and I were playing with an AI called Perplexity which said that Mariuk is Ignacio hahah so yes, even robots are confused.

So I’m a human (woman although I don’t care about gender so call me what you want) that makes music. I wear many hats as a music maker, but here are my 3 main projects at the moment:

Mariuk: this is my solo project. I’m the sole writer, composer, singer, producer etc behind

Northwest: this is band I have with Ignacio Simón. It’s a pretty 50/50 deal with this project. Together we compose the music (some songs I composed entirely myself, others are half and half, and others are entirely made by Ignacio and I just added vocals and lyrics), Ignacio handles the production and arrangements and I do most of the lyrics and vocals.

Mariuca García-Lomas: This is the name under which I release the soundtracks I’ve been commissioned. Technically it’s another solo project in the sense that it’s again only me behind the music, engineering and production but it’s in the service of a film, so it’s my creativity in the service of another person’s art. That's why I chose to seperate it from Mariuk and Northwest.

Apart from those main projects (my solo project, my band and the soundtracks) I get commissioned by labels and music production companies to make stock music (music that then can be used in commercials, films, tv shows, netflix, youtube videos etc) but I don’t use a moniker for that, I’m just a musician being hired to do stuff and It’s a way for me to earn some money and learn new skills that I can apply then to Mariuk, Northwest or soundtracks.

That being said, here’s my whole discography in chronological order (I include spotify links):

Northwest - Reflection (Single)

Mariuk - HP5 (Album)

Mariuk - God on the Dancefloor / Reborn (Double Single)
Northwest - I (Album)
I made 3-4 songs that year for music production companies (These were my first comissions. I'm not going to include the links and companies because there's too many and music is not that interesting.)

Mariuk - If You Ever Get Lost (Album)
Northwest - II (Album)

Mariuca García-Lomas - Réplica (Soundtrack) This was the first soundtrack I got comissioned! ^_^
I made a 12 song album for a music production company
plus another 10-20 songs here and there for other companies

Mariuk - Blue Days (Album)
Blanca Lomas - Cansada (Single) I produced, engineered, mixed and mastered this song for the artist Blanca Lomas as well as contributed a little bit in the lyrics
Insitu (Soundtrack / Sound Design) Ignacio and I did the music and sound design for this podcast series called Insitu
Pieces of Northwest - Ten Clarinet Pieces and Two Preludes for Strings (Album) Ignacio and I decided to release Pieces of Northwest as a side project of Northwest. it's like a deconstructed Northwest, but I cannot claim this as mine since Ignacio is the mastermid behind this one.
and I made another 12 song album for a music production company

I made another 12 song album for a music production company
I wrote a soundtrack alongside Ignacio but it's unreleased yet!

Northwest - Anomaly (Single)
Mariuca García-Lomas - Rooms (Soundtrack)
Pieces of Northwest - What is a River? (Single) Althought is based on Northwest's music, again I cannot claim this one since it's Ignacio's mastermind behind it.

so far I've made a 9 song album for a music production company

Well, after writing this (and coding it, because yes, I code my own websites since I didn't actually study music, I studied digital design in university so I know a little bit of html), I've just released that enough is enough hahah
I'm going to eat something and lock myself in the studio and mix the damn song.
Sometimes you need to procratinate just to look from afar and realize you're just wasting your time and eventually you have to face your fears. I'm facing mine right now so I can fill the 2024 with the best music I've ever made.
Thank you for reading this nonsense.
Thank you for supporting my music
Hope the robots and the humans are less confused now hahah
love you,