HP5 was released by Mariuk in late 2017. The title stands for the postal code of the house in United Kingdom where she wrote, recorded and produced the record. Three music videos (John Smith, Summer Song and Modern Slavery) were released alongside the album. It's an EP of 5 songs:

1. Summer Song
2. John Smith
3. Modern Slavery
4. F**k Everybody
5. Remember, Forget

Listen on: spotify / bandcamp / apple / youtube / amazon / soundcloud

Written by: Mariuk.
Vocals by: Mariuk.
Instruments by: Mariuk.
Production by: Mariuk.
Engineering by: Mariuk.
Mixing & Master: Ignacio Simón & Mariuk.
*Aditional guitar played by Ignacio Simón on Summer Song & John Smith.

Artwork by Mariuk.